April 1 - 2017: Synthwave Live Festival (LONDON) by Artefaktor Radio and Synth Club
This became a succes debut overseas performance and SoftWave's biggest and most engaging audience ever!
A special thanks to Renato Moyssén (Artefaktor Radio), Rob Green (Synth Club and The Department), The Electricity Club, dsoaudio, Rob Harvey (DJ - Synth City), Zigfrid von Underbelly and all the great bands SoftWave was lucky to meet for the first time. Headliner NINA, Tiny Magnetic Pets, Neon Lines, Nature of Wires, Brutalist Architecture In The Sun, Sol Flare, Mechanical Cabaret, Battery Operated Orchestra, Steven Jones & Logan Sky. And not to forget, SoftWave's first meeting with the legendary ex-Visage member, Rusty Egan. It was an unforgettable one day festival! Read reviews...

SYNTH WAVE LIVE at Zigfrid von Underbelly of Hoxton

March 22 - 2017: World premiere of "SoftWave - On And On And On (Official Video)"
It is SoftWave's first music video since the band was established back in 2014. Jerry's alternate version of On And On And On was featured in the music video as well as on the remix compilation Together Alone The Remixes. Even though SoftWave is based on the DIY method they
descided to go all in with own ideas and money during this project.  Their greatest project so far! Please enjoy the video...


Released February 15, 2017


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SoftWave’s debut concert overseas. Synthwave Live April 1, 2017, Zigfrid von Underbelly, London (UK)