KU.BE May 2 (concert review)

KU.BE, Frederiksberg, DK

“SoftWave have definitely got it together and are producing their own brand of “throwback” electropop that is catchy and dance worthy” Read more…

By: Kenneth Hillyard, Artists In The Spotlight, UK

May 8, 2018


Synthwave Live 2, Artefaktor Radio Anniversary (concert review)

Electrowerkz, London, UK

“Danish duo SOFTWAVE who played the inaugural event in 2017 were back and brimming with confidence on the much larger stage, they pair showcased a number of brand new songs.

Fronted by the vivacious Catrine Christensen whose smile simply lit up the room, ‘Follow You’, ‘Awake But Still Asleep ‘and ‘On And On And On’ provided the points of familiarity while the previously unheard ‘Reflected Memories’, ‘Still Beside You’ and ‘No Need To Hide’ were marker points to SOFTWAVE’s artisticl progression, particularly in partner Jerry Olsen’s production and in the songs’ overall musicality.” Read more…

By: Chi Ming Lai, The Electricity Club, Magazine, UK

Apr 11, 2018


Danish Electro Vol 01 – Synthpop/Wave Compilation (song review)

“SoftWave: Everything Change (ManMindMachine Cover). Åttiotalsdoftande synthpop med bra kvinnlig sång. Får lite Yazoo vibbar av den.”

By: Benjamin Kristiansen,, Swedish Electronic Music Webzine

Mar, 21, 2018


Synthwave Live, Artefaktor Radio Anniversary (concert reviews)

Zigfrid von Underbelly, London, UK

“Coming all the way from Denmark, SOFTWAVE were one of the most impressive acts of the event. With their appealing Nordic synthpop and singer Catrine Christensen’s engaging stage presence, even a faulty microphone couldn’t dampen her mood. Opening with the bouncy ‘Awake But Still Asleep’, the duo saved the best towards the end with the catchy alternate version of ‘On And On And On’ reworked by partner Jerry Olsen. Indeed, it was an impressive debut London performance.” Read more…

By: Chi Ming Lai, The Electricity Club, Magazine, UK

Apr 3, 2017

Catrine Christensen, Singer, SoftWave, Synthwave Live April 1, 2017

Jerry Olsen, Synths, SoftWave, Synthwave Live April 1, 2017

“SoftWave were one of a number of bands today featuring impressive female lead vocalists. Catrine Christensen’s assured and engaging performance, adding a sheen to the Danish duo’s polished European synthpop. With Jerry Olsen providing an adept foil on synths and backing vocals, they added to the general warm feeling and great atmosphere of the whole event, with songs such as Awake But Still Asleep” and On And On And On providing the highpoints of their set.” Read more…

By: Cliff Chapman, dsoaudio, UK
Apr 8, 2017

Synthwave Live poster


Hawke Music (EP Review)

Debut EP: ‘Together Alone’

“It’s not often that an outstanding EP is released that DOES reflect the band members, their music, AND lyrics”. “From the very first track “The Light Behind My Eyes” to the final track “Stronger” will captivate the listeners attention not only with their lyrics but their up-tempo beat from Jerry, and the silky-smooth & authorative voice of Catrine!”


Hawke EP Rating: 8/10

Hawke’s Favorite Tracks: “Take My Hand”, “Follow You” & “Stronger”

By: Terry James Hawke, Producer & Presenter, HFM Radio, UK

Feb 21, 2017



GAFFA (Demo Review)

Demo tracks: Follow You, The Light Behind My Eyes, Take My Hand

“Det er habilt udført, med et fint øje for alt det grundlæggende, som bare virker…
Softwave har dejlige produktioner foran sig, når de finder overskuddet og erfaringen til at tage skridtene helt ud…
…Catrine er en bedårende sangerinde med en stærk stemme… og Jerry har styr på maskinerne…”

GAFFA Rating: 3/6

By: Hansen, GAFFA, Magazine, DK

Jan 3, 2016



RUST, Copenhagen, DK

“Electropop og aftenens kun andet kvindelige islæt. Folk kom frem til scenen og dansede til Softwaves catchy melodier og med forsangerens gode stemme i centrum. Leder tankerne på 90’ernes dance scene, men stadig med deres eget præg – fantastisk.”

By: Emergenza Festival, DK

Jan 15, 2016

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International Remix Compilation, released February 15 2017

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