“Allow me to introduce to you my new friends ‘Softwave’ whom I met at my former Human League bandmate Ian Burdens solo album release event in London recently … Softwaves pure and clean electro sound with a cool techno edge, featuring the delightful voice of Catrine Christensen…”

Jo Callis (Ex member of The Human League)

“Still awake… and listening. It stirs up my long-standing adoration of analogue-synth purity. And I wish I could sing like that! x”

Ian Burden (Ex member of The human League)

EX GARY NUMAN, Dramatis, Visage, Dead or Alive (UK)

“SoftWave’s excellent new album is most definitely worth a listen. Excellent production and vocals from Denmarks finest synth pop band.”

Chris Payne (Ex Gary Numan, Dramatis, Visage, Dead or Alive)


SoftWave was mentioned in Erasure’s Newsletter (Erasure Information Service) – Read more and watch video


SoftWave – Danish synthpop with their own brand of “throwback” electropop – catchy and dance worthy

SoftWave was established in 2014. SoftWave released their debut-EP (Together Alone 2016, Together Alone The Remixes 2017) without any knowledge about the music industry and with huge ambitions of becoming a popular synth-pop duo in Denmark and abroad. SoftWave was recommended by Danish National Radio (Karrierekanonen), reviewed by GAFFA (DK), playlisted by New Nordic Indie, interviewed by The Electricity Club (UK), received support from DMF (Danish Music Foundation) for their concerts in London (UK, 2018) and W-Festival (Belgium, 2018). Now SoftWave’s music rotates permanently on several radio stations and playlists internationally (UK, IS, DE, CN, SE, BE). With recommendations from ex members of Human League, Gary Numan, Dead or Alive, Dramatis, Visage (Chris Payne, Ian Burden, Jo Callis) and mentions in Erasure’s newsletter, the future of SoftWave is promising.

SoftWave received a lot of positive feedback after the release of ‘Game On’.

Not only has the album been recommended by synth-pop stars, but also charted by GEWC as no.9 best album, rated 10/10 by NightrideFM, reviewed by The Electricity Club (UK), Cold War Night Life (SE), Side-Line Magazine (BE) and recently the single “Something is Missing” was charted as no.11 best track by GEWC and licensed to ZYX MUSIC (label, Germany) in addition to their new CD compilation release “Italo Disco New Generation 15”.

“The Danish duo of SoftWave have crafted pure synthpop bliss on their newest LP, Game On… Not only does it work, I feel as if it stands head and shoulders with the likes of Erasure, OMD, and the Human League.” – NightrideFM (USA)


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