Synths: Jerry Olsen

Vocals and lyrics: Catrine Christensen


SoftWave’s biography

Softwave is an upcoming electropop duo with inspiration from the 80s, consisting of Jerry Olsen and Catrine Christensen. The duo is unsigned and uses DIY methods with great help from supporters around the World. Together, the duo create the great combination of Jerry’s catchy melodic synth sounds, and the emotional expression of the adorable singer and songwriter, Catrine’s lyric and good song voice. There is speed on the “waves” that soon reach new heights.


Ever since their first meeting back in 2007 (Culture Box, Copenhagen), music has been at the center of their aspirations and dreams. Back then, Jerry already had an interest in synthesizers and made music as a hobby in different sequencing programs with great inspiration from synthesizer king, Vince Clark (Erasure). Catrine never had any lessons, was shy about her vocal and never sang in public, ever since she was a child she enjoyed the creative part where new melodies and lyrics takes place. Music has always dragged both of them in their own way and fate ended up bringing them together to produce “softwaves”.


2008 – They tried to forge a track together, but not until February 2014 it took off…

2014 – A mutual friend, who has many years experience in concerts, saw potential in them and immediately they took the step towards their life’s biggest project. In March Softwave was established. A new world where the couple were able to share their passion with other people and hopefully inspire others to cultivate their hobbies together, to make sense of today’s relationships, while exhibiting strength and patience when it comes to fighting for it and the one you love. Catrine had her first singer lesson in August by Søren Lee (musician/singer/teacher, SLS technique by Seth Riggs). Before their first productions took off they built their own homestudio – BLUE ORANGE STUDIO to show the people that they were serious and would go all the way in the professional way. According to them, there was no time to compromise as this project was awaiting their entire life. December 4 Catrine performed live on stage for the first time (“Follow You”, Cap Store Music Competition, RUST, DK).

2015 – Production of SoftWave’s debut EP “Together Alone” and SoftWave’s debut concert (ELEKTROland, Demoteket, DK, August 23)

2016 – SoftWave’s 2# concert (RUST, Copenhagen, Emergenza Festival, January 15). January 31 Danmarks Radio (DR, Karrierekanonen) recommended “Follow You”. 1st radio airplay ever was overseas by Matt Barker (May, UK), 1st radiointerview by Radio Ballerup (May, DK), May 27 SoftWave was on local Danish television for the first time to be interviewed and to perform in the studio (TV Nordsjælland, Kanal Hovedstaden, DK). 1st airplay on Israel radio (May 15, Radio Sol, IS). Several concerts; 3# Stakladen (DK, June 10) , 4# Horbelev Festival (DK, August 12), 5# Høstnatten i Ølstykke (DK, September 2),  #6 Subkult 2016 (October 27, DK), #7 Megasound’s Anniversary (Ideal Bar, VEGA, DK, November 17). June 27 SoftWave’s 1st EP “Together Alone” was released, their music network increased worldwide (DK, UK, IS, MX, NL, DE, SE). An English local radio station, HFM Radio, wrote a review and gave the EP 8/10 stars.

SoftWave was scouted by Artefaktor Radio (MX) spring 2016 who ranked SoftWave many times during 2016, they also asked SoftWave to play in London April 1 2017.

2017 – February 1 “Awake But Still Asleep” got a spot on the German CD compilation “XX” by Kompuphonik RecordsFebruary 15 SoftWave released “Together Alone The Remixes”. March 22 SoftWave’s first music video had it’s World premiere and got a huge number of views on Facebook the first month. The music video was also promoted by Synthpoplover (NL), Electrozombies (UK), Danish Electro (DK), Mu:vi Productions (DK) and Artefaktor Radio (MX). April 1 SoftWave had their #7 concert and first overseas, SynthWave Live 2017 (London) by Artefaktor Radio (MX) and Synth Club (UK), followed by 2 amazing reviews written by The Electricity Club (UK) and DSO (UK).

Softwave’s music moves within the electropop / synthpop genre, also called synthwave. Synthwave is the new music culture that seeks to recapture 80’s synth music. Softwave’s music can be described as being uplifting, catchy, dance-friendly with edge, depth, emotions and energy from the 80’s, but still maintained in their own and modern sound. The band’s biggest idol is Erasure, followed by inspiration from Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Kavinsky, Empathy Test and Shelter.

Everything from concept to recording takes place in Softwave’s own apartment, where they’ve built a complete soundproof studio, Blue Orange Studio. Mix and master of their first 6 tracks “The Light Behind My Eyes,” “Take My Hand,” “Follow You”, “On And On And On,” “Awake But Still Asleep” and “Stronger” was produced by Rune René Hansen (Rumble Room).
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