“Allow me to introduce to you my new friends ‘Softwave’ whom I met at my former Human League bandmate Ian Burdens solo album release event in London recently … Softwaves pure and clean electro sound with a cool techno edge, featuring the delightful voice of Catrine Christensen…”

Jo Callis (Ex member of The Human League)

SoftWave – a Danish upcoming synthpop duo inspired by Erasure.

Softwave was established back in 2014 by the synth-specialist, Jerry Olsen and singer, Catrine Christensen. The duo is unsigned and uses DIY methods with great help from supporters around the World. Together they create a great combination of Jerry’s catchy melodic synth sounds, and the emotional expression of the adorable singer and songwriter, Catrine. Nice and easy the band follows the “waves” of progress in the music industry and for each wave they pass they reach new heights.
Together they built their own soundproof studio. This was a revolution and their first step into the music industry. In 2015 they finished producing their first tracks ever. Softwave’s debut concert was in a local library and after that day everything went fast. Summer 2016 the debut EP Together Alone was released on all digital stores. Softwave was discovered by several DJ’s, promoters and radio hosts from around the World. A huge new music network supported Softwave and today Artefaktor Radio from Mexico City is one of Softwave’s greatest supporters who regularly play Softwave’s music. On And On And On became their best track so far and has been ranked many times as the most played song in 2016 by different radiostations. They released a remix compilation in February 2017 as a result of their international support. One month later their first music video had its world premiere. The video idea was Softwaves own but produced by Stefan Kragh, founder of Muvi Productions, who also produced a Universal Music video. April 2017, Softwave had their first concert overseas which turned out to be a success with 2 amazing reviews. A one day festival in London called, Synthwave Live arranged by Artefaktor Radio. In addition to Softwaves kickstarter project they were mentioned in Erasures Newsletter. April 2018 Conzoom Records will release On And On And On (Patrik Kambo extended remix) on the compilation “Electropop 12” through Lexer Music (Erasures web store).

2018 spotlights
Synthwave Live April 7 (Electrowerkz, London)
W-Festival August 15 (Amougies Airport , Belgium)
and… new music and projects TBA

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