The EP 'Aspire' is something very special.
All 5 songs have their own vulnerable and meaningful struggle story that seeks to inspire and motivate others to reach new heights.

There is a song for everyone...
The happy breakup song, 'Thank You For Breaking My Heart'
The song for the idol, 'Supernova'
The anti-bullying song for the bully and the victim, 'Don't Bully Me Again'
The song for persons who can't get out of bed early, 'Wake Up'
...and for the more serious person who likes to reflect on the World, 'This World'


Music: SoftWave
Composition, synthesizers and production: Jerry Olsen
Lyrics and vocals: Catrine Christensen
Vocal recordings: Lars Falck (Baby Factory) and Catrine Christensen (SoftWave)
Mix and mastering: Jacob Cederberg (Sacki Production)
Graphic design and cover art: Juan D Barragán
Distribution Beatify Audio and Bandcamp: SoftWave
Distribution all other digital platforms: Gateway Music