System Failure

Official release: June 11, 2021

The single seeks to show how important it is to maintain a permanent balance, a harmony between connecting with other people via a computer – and actually socializing in physical form.
A contrast between the modern and traditional way of communication, for lack of better wording.

For the first time ever SoftWave has included vocoded vocals by Jerry, to emphasize how much certain
people live their lives through a computer – and almost communicate to the world with it.


Music: SoftWave
Composition, synths and vocoder voice: Jerry Olsen
Vocal and lyrics: Catrine Christensen
Mix and mastering: Jacob Cederberg (Sacki Production)
Graphic design & cover art: Juan D Barragán
Distribution (Beatify Audio & Bandcamp): SoftWave
*Distribution (all other digital platforms): T/A/P/E Sound (Two Associates Production & Entertainment)
*Available on all other digital platforms June 18, 2021

**For any inquiries about the new single or interviews with SoftWave in this matter, please liaise with Thomas Hemdorff at M. +45 40583248 / or Allan Jørgensen at M. +45 26234550 /