International Remix Compilation, released February 15 2017

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  1. On And On And On (Jerry’s alternate version)
  2. Awake But Still Asleep (Airwaves WANTed mix)
  3. On And On And On (Patrik Kambo extended remix)
  4. Take My Hand (Deconstructed by Mirland)
  5. On And On And On (Charly DJ extended mix)
  6. Awake But Still Asleep (Thick 16th WANTed mix)
  7. The Light Behind My Eyes (David Burdick remix)
  8. Awake But Still Asleep (Oren Amram remix)
  9. Follow You (Jerry’s remix)

This international remix compilation is the result of our debut EP (Together Alone)’s popularity outside of Denmark. Support from around the World helped us to reach our audience in a way we could never have done by ourselves. We are very grateful for a development like this and assure you, this is only the beginning! This remix compilation consists of 9 remixes by producers from 6 different countries. Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Israel, USA and Mexico.

Thanks to our fantastic international music network for the support and to all the amazing producers behind the remixes.



“XX” (digital, CD)

VARIOUS ARTISTS COMPILATION, released February 1 2017


The double cd release XX marks the 20th anniversary of the international fan club of German electronica band, Welle: Erdball.
Yes, there were other fan club releases in the past (such as XV and more) and there was a lot of support from different artists as well as the audience, in other words quite a success. And it was for charity. But all this, of course, is the past.
We think a 20 years anniversary is a good excuse to do something again, presenting a double cd comprising 36 tracks which amount to more than 140 minutes of music, from Germany to South America and Scandinavia, from catchy melodious material to harsh powerful electronics, from lovely female voices to dark male vocals, from German electro-pop to Nordic synth-pearls, from wave to EBM, from new artists to established heroes. A kaleidoscope of artists, a fine selection of music.
Of course this release is once again a charity project; proceedings are donated to SOS Kinderdörfer ( All artists support this concept, so our idea is to offer you an exciting release at a reasonable price, supporting a truly good cause.
With compliments from each single artist, inviting you to explore music, art, meaning.
For further information on the release visit
Listen & read. Enjoy & support.


“TOGETHER ALONE” (digital)

Debut EP, released May 27 2016

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  1. The Light Behind My Eyes
  2. Follow You
  3. Take My Hand
  4. On And On And On
  5. Awake But Still Asleep
  6. Stronger

This EP was Softwave’s first release. The production began right after they finished building their own soundproof home recording studio, Blue Orange Studio. The EP was kind of a test to see if the audience liked their music production at all. Since the release it has been played around the World by fans and several radio stations (online/local). It was ranked by two radio stations in the end of 2016, Artefaktor Radio (MX), Radio Sol (IS). February 21 2017 an EP review was written by HFM Radio (UK).


Et opslag delt af SoftWave (@softwave_music) den

Author: Softwave

SoftWave was formed by Jerry Olsen and Catrine Christensen in 2014. They have toured with the OMD and did 2x remix for Erasure's Andy Bell. During 2023 they releases their 2nd studio album followed by a tour.