The new single ‘Thank You For Breaking My Heart’ releases 31.12.2021


“System Failure” (digital)

released June 11, 2021


The single seeks to show how important it is to maintain a permanent balance, a harmony between connecting with other people via a computer – and actually socializing in physical form. Lyrics capture the feelings of frustration, irritability, and anxiety after communication systems break down

 “… one of my favorite song lines ever is, “Restart and synchronize in harmony.” Not only it is relatable but also extremely catchy.

… I can’t take my eyes off the outstanding visuals… So, watch it till the end!”
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LP: ‘Club Torsten!’ (A very strictly limited edition)

Release date: Feb 5, 2021

Label: Cherry Red Records

“‘Club Torsten!’ has two highly catchy, deeply melodic ‘Electro-Noir’ remixes by Danish synth-scene stalwarts SoftWave” – Cherry Red Records

SoftWave was invited to collaborate with the team behind ‘Andy Bell is Torsten’ (Andy Bell, Christopher Frost, Barney Ashton-Bullock)

 Andy Bell says…

“I just love those happenstance moments; it just so happened that I was wearing the SoftWave T-shirt at the same time that my band-mate Barney announced that the ‘Club Torsten!’ remix vinyl was complete .”

“SoftWave made two all new ‘Electro-Noir’ style remixes for my ‘Club Torsten!’ album and I loved their strong retro inspired synth melodies the first time I heard them and the way Catrine’s vocals weave in and out so deftly is just gorgeous!.”

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Side A
Not Opting Out (Matt Pop Radio Mix)
I Don’t Like (Bronski Beat Radio Mix)
We Hadn’t Slept For Twenty Years (Shelter’s New Mix)
My Precious One (Vince Clarke Remix)
Weston-super-Mare (Dancing With Ruby Remix)
Lead Me (SoftWave Electro-Noir Remix)

Side B
Queercore! (Matt Pop Remix) with Lanah P
We Were Singing Along To Liza (Shelter Remix)
The Slums We Loved (Barry Harris Remix)
Bingo Hall Baby (Electropop Remix)
Judgement (Cyber Monday Remix)
Society, Society (SoftWave Electro-Noir Remix)

CD: “Sonic Seducer” (part of magazine)

Release date: Oct, 2020 (CD compilation)

“Cold Hands Seduction” Vol 222

Magazine: Sonic Seducer

Track: “Curiosity (The Real Dreamers Remix)”

“Souvenir” (digital, OMD cover)

released September 11, 2020


This is a cover version of OMD’s ‘Souvenir’ released after SoftWave were touring with OMD on their Scandinavian dates (Souvenir Tour: Rockefeller, Berns, KB, VEGA)

 “…stood out to me for their artistry or their off-the-wall collision of two wildly different performers.”
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CD: “Game On 1Up” + BONUS TRACK*

Release date: Oct 1, 2020 (CD, digital album, bonus track)

Label: *Electro-Shock-Records*


*This CD also includes a FULL live show (digital audio recording) of SoftWave’s concert at Rockefeller when they were touring with OMD

“GAME ON” (album)

released April 11, 2019

This is SoftWave’s debut album


With support from DJBFA and Koda’s Cultural Funds

’Game On’ is a Danish musically uplifting synth-pop universe without ironic, attitude and stadionpumping shifts.
This album is the beginning of something grand. A blend of pop music, synths, hardware, love, and gaming, which completes SoftWave. SoftWave invites everyone to join their game – the only thing you have to do is “PRESS PLAY”.

“Game On 1Up”

Release date: Nov 19, 2019

Distributor: Gateway Music

*also available on Bandcamp (incl. bonus tracks)

All releases:

Electropop 15
“I Need Love” by SoftWave

released September 13, 2019

Label: Conzoom Records

Italo Disco New Generation 15

released September 6, 2019

“Something is Missing (Longdrink Re-loaded)”


Released April 13, 2018

Label: Conzoom Records (DE), Lexer Music

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“DANISH ELECTRO VOL.01” (digital+CD)

released February 1st 2018

Synthpop – Wave compilation label: Laebel (DK)

Download or buy limited edition CD

Read review by (8 out of 10 stars!!!!)

“ELECTROZOMBIES – Undead And Open-Minded – Volume 3” (digital)

released August 18 2017

International synthpop compilation, VARIOUS ARTISTS, by Electrozombies (NRW, DE)


released digitally February 15 2017


This international remix compilation is the result of our debut EP (Together Alone)’s popularity outside of Denmark. Support from around the World helped us to reach our audience in a way we could never have done by ourselves. We are very grateful for a development like this and assure you, this is only the beginning! This remix compilation consists of 9 remixes by producers from 6 different countries. Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Israel, USA and Mexico.

“XX” – Welle:Erdball (digital+CD)

released February 1 2017

Welle:Erdball international fan club compilation, VARIOUS ARTISTS

The double cd release XX marks the 20th anniversary of the international fan club of German electronica band, Welle: Erdball.    

Label: Kompuphonik (DE)


SoftWave’s Debut EP

released digitally May 27, 2016


  1. The Light Behind My Eyes
  2. Follow You
  3. Take My Hand
  4. On And On And On
  5. Awake But Still Asleep
  6. Stronger

This EP was Softwave’s first release. The production began right after they finished building their own soundproof home recording studio, Blue Orange Studio. The EP was kind of a test to see if the audience liked their music production at all. Since the release it has been played around the World by fans and several radio stations (online/local). It was ranked by two radio stations in the end of 2016, Artefaktor Radio (MX), Radio Sol (IS). February 21 2017 an EP review was written by HFM Radio (UK).

CHARTS & RANKINGS TOP50 BESTSELLER CHART ‘Game On 1Up’ incl. “Live at Rockefeller”

Club80s New Gen Chart, December 2019

No.1: ‘Something is Missing’ by SoftWave
New Generation Chart, August 2019 by Club 80s

German Electronic Web Chart (GEWC) – “Something is Missing” as no.12 best track

German Electronic Web Chart (GEWC) – “Something is Missing” as no.11 best track
German Electronic Web Chart (GEWC) – “Game On” as no.9 best album
Ranking 2016 ( (Mexico City, UK and Israel)
Artefaktor Radio (Mexico City/UK)
Artefaktor Radio (Mexico City/UK)
Artefaktor Radio (Mexico City/UK)
Artefaktor Radio (Mexico City/UK)
Artefaktor Radio (Mexico City/UK)
Artefaktor Radio (Mexico City/UK)
2016 Year Ending Chart by DJ Oren Amram (Israel)