Game On 1Up CD (booklet incl. BONUS TRACK “SoftWave live at Rockefeller”) SIGNED


Game On 1Up CD (booklet) by SoftWave

*Includes a FREE digital download track “SoftWave live at Rockefeller”
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Game On 1Up
Game On 1Up CD

Game On 1Up remix-album CD (incl. BONUS TRACK “SoftWave live at Rockefeller – OMD Souvenir tour”)

“Game On 1Up” is a 12 track remix compilation of songs from SoftWave’s debut album “Game On” (released April, 2019). All remixes has been produced by 12 different artists that SoftWave have met in person or who they have been in contact with after the release of “Game On”. Collaboration and mutual artistic support has an important place in the heart of SoftWave. So it has become a tradition to curate a remix compilation after each release. This collection comes with plenty awesome remix versions. The remixes come from producers in 6 different countries including Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Argentina and Vietnam. Enjoy a mix of genres, from piano ballad, classic synthpop, modern pop, Italo Disco to Asian jungle electro.

“As a highlight of this album – we’re delighted to have a remix by ex Human League member, Ian Burden with his beautiful ballad version of “Human Beings”. Thanks to The Electricity Club (UK) we met Ian at his solo album release event in London 2018” – SoftWave

“Still awake… and listening. It stirs up my long-standing adoration of analogue-synth purity. And I wish I could sing like that! x” – Ian Burden (Ex member of The Human League)

“Game On 1Up” (12 track remix compilation)

Remix by:
1. Something Is Missing (Chris Hurts Time Voyage)
By: Chris Hurts (One And One Music), United Kingdom

2. No Need To Hide (Antilles Mix)
By: David Witkowski (Antilles), Denmark

3. Galaxy Of Stars (Daysound Remix)
By: Day Clifford (Daysound), United Kingdom

4. Curiosity (Dany Comaro Remix)
By: Dany Comaro (Warner Music, Lifted House, Freisig Media), Denmark

5. Reflected Memories (Till Wild Remix)
By: Till Wild, Deutschland

6. Human Beings (Ian Burden Ballad Mix)
By: Ian Burden (ex Human League), United Kingdom

7. I Need Love (Projekt Ich Remix)
By: Ulf Müller (Projekt Ich), Deutschland

8. No Need To Hide (Circuit3 Remix)
By: Peter Fitzpatrick (Circuit3), Ireland

9. Reflected Memories (Reflection Remix)
By: Franco Colombo (Reflection), Argentina

10. Human Beings (Nature of Wires Remix)
By: Gary Watts (Nature of Wires), United Kingdom

11. Guardian Angel (Cosaquitos en Globo RMX)
By: Sebastian Cordoves (Cosaquitos en Globo), Argentina

12. No Need To Hide (Tri Minh-Live Jungle Remix)
By: Tri Minh, Vietnam

+ BONUS TRACK “SoftWave live at Rockefeller – OMD Souvenir tour”

Music by SoftWave
Programming & synths: Jerry Olsen
Lyric & vocals: Catrine Christensen
Vocal recording: SoftWave
CD production: Electro-Shock-Records (DE)
Remix: Various artists (see above)
Mix & master: PNUC og Sacki Productions
Photography: Dag Stinus and ErasureList (NO)
Graphic design: Tommy B-Kuhlmann/Pixit Design
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Includes a FREE digital download track "SoftWave live at Rockefeller"
Get you FREE download code: (send us an email to redeem the bonus track)