Game On – Limited Edition Vinyl/LP (Lime) SIGNED


Limited Tour Edition (Lime) ‘GAME ON’ Vinyl by SoftWave

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Game On Limited Edition Vinyl/LP (Lime) SIGNED

*With support from DJBFA and Koda’s Cultural Funds

’Game On’ is a Danish musically uplifting synth-pop universe without ironic, attitude and stadionpumping shifts.
The upcoming debut album from the hardworking duo is the beginning of something grand. A blend of pop music, synths, hardware, love, and gaming, which completes SoftWave. SoftWave invites everyone to join their game – the only thing you have to do is “PRESS PLAY”.


  1. Takeoff
  2. Something is Missing
  3. No Need to Hide
  4. Reflected Memories
  5. Guardian Angel
  6. Valor (instrumental)
  7. I Need Love
  8. Curiosity
  9. Human Beings
  10. Galaxy of Stars
The music is produced by SoftWave, programming and synths by Jerry Olsen and vocals and lyrics by Catrine Christensen.
Together they create catchy choruses, which seek to move your soul, motivate the drive to live and maintain happiness transcending existential crises. The album title ‘Game On’ refers to the positive and fun of gaming from both the 80’s and nowadays. This has had an effect on the music and lifequality of SoftWave. SoftWave describes the forthcoming release with the words: “…It’s like a drug pulling you away from the seriousness of everyday life, pure entertainment with the goal of putting a smile on your face. It’s a throwback to the good stuff from the past that we bring into the future” . SoftWave produces pure synth-pop from the heart, a Danish production with inspiration from the British synth-pop sound with English lyrics written by Catrine Christensen. Catrine describes her lyrics as “Stories from her everyday life with a touch of happiness, personality and fighter spirit, which seeks to awaken the listener’s curiosity and inner glow to never lose courage”.Ever since the success of SoftWave’s debut-EP the productions in the home studio in Herlev have reached new heights, which manifest in the new album’s danceable and catching songs with SoftWave’s own touch – pure synth-pop3 SINGLES FROM THE DEBUTALBUM ‘GAME ON’
1. ‘Something Is Missing’ (February 27, 2019)
2. ‘No Need To Hide’ (March 13, 2019)
3. ‘Galaxy Of Stars’ (March 27, 2019)
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released April 11, 2019

Produced by SoftWave
Programming & synths: Jerry Olsen
Lyric & vocals: Catrine Christensen
Vocal recording: SoftWave
Mix & master: PNUC og Sacki Productions
Photographer: Preston Kaipo Drake-Hillyard
Graphic design: Tommy B-Kuhlmann/Pixit Design
Vinyl production: Nordsø Records
Distributor: Gateway Music

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Tour Edition

Was pressed to be sold during SoftWave's Scandinavian tour with OMD (2020)